greenwood, ms


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Howard’s End is a mixed used development located in historic, downtown Greenwood, Mississippi. Howard’s End is located at the intersection of Main Street and Carrollton Avenue and runs adjacent to the Rail Spike Park and the Greenwood Farmers Market.

It features 22,000 square feet of potential commercial development and 10,000 square feet of potential residential development.

The development is a project of the BL Ferretti Company. The BL Ferretti Company aims to break the modern development trend, by giving our historic properties a chance to sing again, by rehabilitating them into destinations that can be utilized for the Mississippi Delta of today.

Just as its a sin to kill a mockingbird, it would be a sin to kill our historic buildings and permanently silence a piece of our culture.

For more in-dept information please download the complete Howard’s End Information Packet here.

Construction is set to begin in Spring of 2020.